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How to Find Pure Honey in Pakistan?

Pure Honey Supplier Pakistan

How to Find Pure Honey in Pakistan?

Finding pure in Pakistan has become a bit of a challenge in the recent times thanks to the unregulated honey extraction industry. With so many suppliers and brands to choose from, you can never be sure whether the honey you are buying is 100% pure or not. Since ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine. It’s very high in beneficial plant compounds and offers several health benefits. Honey is particularly healthy when used instead of refined sugar, which is 100% empty calories. Here are some of the techniques to help you find pure honey in Pakistan and check the purity of honey before consumption.

While the following tests are based on true principles, in practice your results may be inconclusive. Try several of these tests to see if the honey fails or passes consistently. Here, we should also point out that there is no proven method to find pure honey but to test the honey you have purchased to see if it’s pure.

Use a paper towel or blotting paper

Finding pure honey in Pakistan

It is possible to test the purity of the honey by dropping it on a paper towel or a blotting paper. Impure honey that is diluted with water will leave a wet mark on an absorbent material such as paper towel. However, if the honey has been diluted with sugar syrups rather than water, it will not be absorbed and thus this test can only work well for honey diluted with water.

Thumb Test

Here’s the procedure to do a thumb test:

  • Put a small drop of the honey you have on your thumb
  • Check to see if it spills or spreads around
  • If it does, it is not pure
  • Pure honey will stay intact on your thumb

Spotting fake honey with water test!

The steps of the water test are given below and will help you determine whether the honey you purchased can be classified as pure or not!

  • Fill a glass with water
  • Add one tablespoon of honey into the glass
  • Artificial or adulterated honey will dissolve and it will form a layer around the glass
  • Pure honey on the other hand will settle right at the bottom of your glass

The Flame Test to determine the purity of honey

Did you know that organic honey is flammable? Here’s a test to know 100% pure organic honey.

Beware of fake honey sold as pure

Beware of fake honey sold as pure

  • Take a dry matchstick
  • Dip its tip right into the honey
  • Strike the stick on the matchbox as if to light it
  • If the honey is pure, the matchstick will light with ease
  • The flame will also keep burning off the honey
  • However, if it is with impurities, it will not light because fake honey contains moisture as one of the impurities

The Vinegar Test

  • Add some water and 2-3 drops of vinegar essence into the honey
  • Mix well
  • If the solution becomes foamy, that is definitely adulterated honey

The above tests are some of the easiest and simple techniques to test for the purity of honey at home. Using these tests you can determine whether the honey you bought locally is pure or not. Again, we reiterate that there is no way of finding pure honey in Pakistan without performing these tests because almost all brands in Pakistan advertise their product to be 100% pure whilst in reality they are all contaminated and diluted to some extent.

If you want to enjoy most of the benefits derived from honey. The purity of honey is what you should consider before buying. The testing methods provided in this article are extremely simple and can be performed at home, to verify the purity of honey.

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Trend of Using Organic Personal Care Products In Pakistan Is On The Rise In 2019

Organic skin care products on the rise in Pakistan

Trend of Using Organic Skin Care Product In Pakistan Is On The Rise In 2019

Over the last decade or so, consumers of Pakistan are becoming increasingly conscious of the ingredients used in their daily beauty products including but not limiting skincare creams, conditioning gels, cleansers, beauty clear powders, emulsions and treatment essences. It will be fair to say that West and East Asia (Japan) are well ahead of South Asian markets but Pakistan is slowly catching up as far the awareness about the benefits of natural and organic skin care products go. So what are Organic skin care products and what are the reasons you might consider switching to organic/natural skin care products? In this article we will take the aim to provide an overview of the changing skin care products consumer market in Pakistan and why we believe that the future of this industry belongs to local small to medium sized enterprises.

“Organic personal care products mainly comprise plant ingredients, grown without using genetically-modified organisms, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers. They do not contain chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, aluminium salts and petrochemicals, all of which are potentially harmful to health. This market is further segmented into skincare, haircare, oral care, cosmetics and fragrances. Skincare maintains the top billing and is expected to emerge by 2024 as the most attractive segment with a 30.9% share, followed by haircare.”

Late last year, Dawn Pakistan reported that the beauty products industry is the second most influenced market by this shift in consumer lifestyles – with organic food being the top concern for most. By 2017 the value of the organic personal care products worldwide had a reached a staggering $10.9 billion with experts of the field forecasting an increasing growth of this market to reach a market share of $18.7 billion. Although the natural or organic skin care products market in Pakistan at the moment does not match those trends/numbers, influence of West and improved awareness through social media suggests that there is a strong reason to believe that many local brands will emerge to offer a range of quality, organic natural care products. In fact, whilst I write this article, I searched and found several local organic personal products brands that I never heard about before. Here is one of the emerging natural personal care brands in Pakistan which Nahsonuma Pakistan have teamed up with to promote growth of this industry and benefit the consumers.

Aurora Pakistan have interviewed the founders of many of these new ventures to figure out exactly how they were performing and what made them believe they could succeed in Pakistan’s yet to be matured market. Discussions have confirmed that these news businesses are doing exceptionally well, experiencing growth and have positive insights on scale and sustainability.

Hosuewives in Pakistan have been using chemical free food for centuries to enhance their beauty. These food include but are not limited to yogurt, turmeric, olive oil, lemon, coconut oil, fresh cream and honey. So the idea of natural personal care is not something to the female consumers of Pakistan. However, the trend of developing all-natural concoctions commercially and under a brand name is new. Emerging brands in this category include Marjajan Batonicals, Aura, Conaturals, Jo’s Organic Beauty, Kishmish Organic Skin Care, Mana Beauty Spirit, Spa in a Bottle and Yellow Berry. Founders of each of these ventures have a story to tell – more about that can be found on Aurora Dawn here.

Marajaan Botanicals Pakistan

A downside to natural/organic personal care products are the high price tag and this results from the small production scale and high costs associated to certifications and tests. Founders of many of emerging brands argue that the tests required for certification are not only expensive but also high extensive, and so the products fetch a very high production cost. An organic/natural soap in Pakistan while I write this post costs about 400 to 500 Rs whereas the conventional commercial soaps just a fraction of it. So the price will have to be improved (or should I say reduced) considerably if we want to see this industry take off considerably.

The bulk of the demand of these products come for the three metropolitan cities of Pakistan – Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad but other smaller cities now also represent a portion of the overall consumer base for this emerging industry of Pakistan. Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook are the primary marketing platforms for most of these businesses due to the smaller market size even though some supermarket and specialist retail/health stores. The rest is taken care of by word-of-mouth.

Although it is a challenge to obtain pure, high-quality raw materials, ensure a good supply chain, get perfect formulations and find hard-working HR (according to Khan, “it took time to convince customers that a Pakistani brand can be trusted and we had a hard time convincing retail stores to support us and give us shelf space), the founders believe that with improving standards of living, increased consumer spending and online customer reach, there is huge potential for the organic personal care segment in Pakistan.

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33 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates for Women

Benefits of dates

33 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates for Women

Dates are considered to be a prophetic food with numerous health benefits. In Gulf and South Asian countries, they are called Khajur or Chuwara. Historically dates have been used for both eating and medicinal purposes. Originally cultivated in regions of Persian Gulf, the last few decades have seen the production and cultivation of dates expand to all parts of the world including Cayman Islands, Leeward Islands, Northern Mexico, China, Pakistan, India, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Sahel region of Africa, North Africa, Spain, United States, Fiji, Italy, Cape Verde, Madeira and Australia.

Dates hold special importance for Muslims because it was one of the fruits loved and frequently consumed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is used all through the year in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. In South Asian regions, dates are in hot demand during the month of Ramadan due to its religious stature. Over the last several years, various research studies have been conducted on the health benefits of dates but this article precisely details the health benefits of dates for women.

Benefits of Dates (Chuwara Or Khajur) For Women

Full of healthy nutrients, there are enormous health benefits of dates for women. This historical fruit has the ability to protect and cure your body from health disorders like sexual dysfunction, abdominal cancer, cardiovascular problems, anemia, intestinal health issues, constipation, diarrhea and so many more. Dates have been found to assist in weight loss for those who are overweight. A gift of nature, dates provide nourishment to all regardless of the age and sex. You can imagine the amount the energy this fruit contains and the relief it offers to the digestive system considering it is consumed to break the fast by Muslims all over the world. Some of the most notable health benefits of dates for women are given below;

Benefits of Dates for Hair

  • Prevents from Hair ProblemsPantothenic acid or vitamin B5 found in dates prevents from number of hair problems including hair loss, brittle hair, split ends, and etc.
  • Nourishes Hair Roots. It provides better nourishment to the hair roots and scalp and prevents from excessive hair fall, dryness and etc.
  • Makes Hair Strong –Dates makes hair stronger, silky and shiny by providing full nourishment to the hair.

Benefits of Dates for Women During Pregnancy

  • Improves Hemoglobin Count It is very effective during whole pregnancy because of its richness of iron which is required by the body to maintain normal count of hemoglobin.
  • Cures Anemia Dates helps in curing anemia among women during pregnancy by fulfilling the lack of iron as well as removes feeling of fatigue, weakness and sluggishness.
  • Keeps Body Fresh and EnergeticIt enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood by increasing the number of red blood cells thus keeps body fresh and energetic as well as provide better oxygen level to the fetus.

Benefits of Dates for Digestive System

  • Cures Chronic Constipation Because of its laxative nature it provides a lot of help in curing chronic constipation. It provides instant relief if soaked dates are eaten in the morning regularly.
  • Promotes Healthy Bowel Movements Dates contains high level of soluble fibers which promotes the healthy bowel movements and eases the passage of food all through the intestinal tract.
  • Maintains Electrolytes Balance Well ripe dates have good amount of potassium which plays very effective role in controlling the diarrhea by regulating the electrolytes balance in the body.
  • Improves Digestive System Functioning Nicotine found in it helps in curing various intestinal disorders such as inhibiting growth of pathogenic bacteria, promotes growth of intestinal friendly bacteria, solves indigestion problem by stimulating proper food digestion and so many.
  • Reduces Risk of Abdominal Cancer Eating date reduces the risk abdominal cancer as it helps in regularizing the digestive system activities.
  • Prevents from Colon Cancer Its high level of insoluble and soluble dietary fibers acts as laxative and protects colon mucous membrane from the colon cancer.
  • Treats Digestives DisordersEating dry dates on regular basis helps in treating various digestives disorders including gas formation, acidity, bloating, stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids, heart burn and colitis.

Benefits of Dates for Bones, Teeth and Joints

Dates Tree

  • Makes Bone and Teeth Healthy Dates provides bone, teeth and joints proper nourishment for the healthy growth and development.
  • Prevents from Bone Diseases It is a super food which strengthens bones and prevents from all the painful and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and etc.
  • Provides all Required Minerals to Bone Its availability of minerals like selenium, calcium, manganese, copper, phosphorus and magnesium makes it able to nourish bones if eaten on regular basis.
  • Prevents from Tooth Decay Its high level of fluorine mineral helps in slowing down the tooth decay problems and etc.
  • Strengthens Tooth EnamelFluorine found in dates also prevents from the plaque formation of the teeth by strengthening the tooth enamel.

Benefits of Dates for Nervous System

  • Boosts Nervous System Health Dates is a vitamin rich natural food boosts the health of nervous system by stimulating the proper functionality.
  • Improves Mind Concentration Level It is rich source of potassium which is mostly required by the body to promote the healthy nervous system. Dates are know to help in improving the concentration, speed and alertness of the memory.

Benefits of Dates for Heart

  • Keeps Heart Healthy Date is very healthy for the heart too if eaten some soaked chuwara on regular basis.
  • Reduces Risk of Heart Disorders It helps in strengthening the weak hearts functioning as it is rich source of potassium which involves in reducing the risk of heart disorders like hypertension, stroke, heart failure and etc.
  • Reduces Cholesterol Level It helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood thus prevents from heart attacks, atherosclerosis and etc.
  • Food of Low-Glycemic Index As date contains high amounts of natural sugars, it is a food of low-glycemic index and does not involve in rising the blood sugar level thus little amount is safe for the diabetics.
  • Repair Damaged Cells Date is the natural source of B group vitamins especially B5 which is very beneficial for the growth of skin cells as well as repair of damaged cells due to free radicals.
  • Treats Dry Skin Its vitamin A content keeps skin healthy and soft by treating the dry skin problems and removing dead skin cells.
  • Regenerates New Skin Cells Dates helps in regenerating new skin cells to make skin fresh, healthy, youthful and glowing.
  • Delays Early Ageing Its antioxidant nature prevents skin from free radicals, UV rays and early aging and make skin firm and toned.
  • Improves Skin TextureIt helps in improving skin texture and makes skin smooth and fair skin if consumed regularly.
  • Provides Natural Glow to SkinDate face pack (paste of fresh dates, lemon juice or orange juice) can be applied to the face skin for 10 to 15 mins to get fresh and glowing look.

Benefits of Dates for Hair

  • Prevents from Hair Problems Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 found in dates prevents from number of hair problems including hair loss, brittle hair, split ends, and etc.
  • Nourishes Hair Roots It provides better nourishment to the hair roots and scalp and prevents from excessive hair fall, dryness and etc.
  • Makes Hair StrongDates makes hair stronger, silky and shiny by providing full nourishment to the hair.

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Is Jaggery Sugar Really Healthier Than Crystal White Sugar?


Is Jaggery Sugar Really Healthier Than Crystal White Sugar?

Most people use granulated white sugar to add sweetness to their morning cup of tea and desserts but that does not mean it is the only type of sugar available in the market. So before we answer the question “Is Jaggery sugar really healthier (or better) than crystal white sugar, it will make sense if we look at the different types of sugar available in the market these days. Sugar is available in many varieties including but not limited to raw sugar, granulated sugar, organic brown sugar, demerara sugar, palm sugar crystals, icing sugar, caster sugar and last but not the least “jaggery sugar”. Raw sugar or sugar in the raw has a golden brown color. Organic brown sugar has chocolaty dark brown color and is stickier in texture. Both these types of sugars are considered to be more nutritious but it is misconception that must be clear. Susan Miler of states that;

“While it’s true that raw sugar is slightly less refined than brown sugar, both provide bout 15 calories per teaspoon, all of which comes from simple carbohydrates. Even though their nutritional profile is exactly the same, however, brown sugar and sugar in the raw have aesthetic differences that give them unique flavor profiles.”

Demerara sugar has a chunky and grainy texture, is light brown in color and does contain residual molasses. It is slightly better than white crystal sugar because it is partially processed. White refined sugar is 99.99 % sucrose and refined to the extent that everything other than sucrose is completely removed from the sugar cane juice. Caster sugar is another form of white sugar with small crystals to help it dissolve more quickly in the solution. Interested in making meringues muffins or light sponge like cakes?, consider using caster sugar.

Jaggery shows true Eastman colors, ranging from golden yellow to golden brown, brown, dark brown, and like the color of dark chocolate, depending upon the extent to which it is cooked. Jaggery is semi solid and softer than other types of sugar.

Jaggery powder Vs refined sugar – Which is better?

Almost all nutrition and science based studies confirm that jaggery sugar is better than other sweeteners. This is because of the fact that it is not processed nor crystallized and retains the actual nutritional value of raw sugar cane. Note that white crystal sugar is refined using charcoal (a chemical), later condensed and crystallized. And this it is harmful for organs such as brain, lungs, liver and kidney.

What is jaggery powder and how is jaggery made

Jaggery is predominantly made up of sucrose (C12H22O12), with traces of mineral salts, iron, and some fiber. The first stage of the jaggery production process looks the same as white sugar. Sugar canes are peeled and then boiled to turn them into juice. From that point onwards, the process of preparing jaggery powder changes. The sugar cane syrup is treated with charcoal ( a chemical), condensed and then crystallized to make regular white sugar. Jaggery on the other hand is made by boiling the sugar syrup until it forms a thick paste which is cooled, poured into molds, dried under sun and made blocks of. The blocks are then grinded (in case of jaggery sugar powder) and packed for commercial purposes.

Differences between jaggery and white sugar

Is Jaggery More Nutritious Than Sugar?

Due to its molasses content, jaggery does contain more nutrients as compared to the regular white sugar. In fact molasses is the most nutritious byproduct of the sugar making process which is completely removed from the white refined sugar. The type of the plant used (palm or cane) eventually determines the exact nutrition value of jaggery. According to a study published in Journal of Food Processing & Technology, 100 grams of typical jaggery powder available in the markets may contain:

Jaggery Nutritional Vale

  • Calories: 383
  • Sucrose: 65–85 grams
  • Fructose and glucose: 10–15 grams
  • Protein: 0.4 grams
  • Fat: 0.1 grams
  • Iron: 11 mg, or 61% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 70-90 mg, or about 20% of the RDI
  • Potassium: 1050 mg, or 30% of the RDI
  • Manganese: 0.2–0.5 mg, or 10–20% of the RDI.

However, keep in mind that this is a 100-gram (3.5-oz) serving. This is much higher than you would generally eat at once. You’d probably consume closer to a tablespoon (20 grams) or teaspoon (7 grams). Jaggery may also contain small amounts of B vitamins and minerals, including calcium, zinc, phosphorus and copper.


So, the answer to the question, “is jaggery better than sugar?”. Yes, Indeed Jaggery is a superior and more natural form of sugar. If possible, replace regular white granulated/crystal sweetener in your diet with jaggery sugar or jaggery powder. Pakistan’s jaggery powder is considered to be the best in the world but the industry is very unorganized and so the jaggery powder product available in the market is a little expensive. But make no mistake, jaggery powder is worth your every single rupee. Stay safe and stay healthy! Watch our video on the benefits of jaggery powder here.

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Why Milk Is An Absolute Must For You Child!

Benefits of milk for children

Why Milk Is An Absolute Must For Your Child!

We all know milk is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. Development of strong and healthy bones is directly related to the amount of calcium intake of your child. Today I wish to bring to your attention the various health benefits of milk and a brief explanation of why milk is an absolute must for your child’s physical development. According to the Women’s and Children’s Health Network of Australia, most children under age 5 take 70 percent of their calcium needs from milk. If you are not giving milk to your child then you are not doing them any favours. Mothers should be aware of their children’s milk requirements so every child in Pakistan gets their share of calcium, vitamin D and muscle strength. Here are the most notable health benefits of milk;

Keep your child hydrated

Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism Journal claims that children should consume milk or milk based drinks immediately after playing or exercising. A glass of milk can help your child avoid hydration and recover more quickly. So next time your child comes back from a workout or activity, give them a glass of milk because children need to stay hydrated throughout their day for healthy development.

Stronger and healthier teeth

For children to grow healthy and strong teeth, they need an adequate amount of calcium and phosphorous both of which are found abundantly in milk. Casein another type of protein found in milk creates a thin film across enamel which ensures teeth are absorbing enough phosphorous and calcium. “Casein protein is a “complete protein,” meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids our bodies need to get from foods to optimally build muscle.” You would often see dentists recommending milk or milk based drinks between meals. It should be noted that milk is of critical importance for your child if they are consuming acidic foods.

Healthy bones

As stated previously, milk is a source of calcium which means that your child can use that for the development of strong and healthy bones. While children need it for their natural growth, milk is equally important for adults to prevent conditions such as rickets or osteoporosis and keep their bones good health. Another advantage of milk is that the calcium helps to reduce the risk of developing brittle bones.

Improve blood pressure

Milk helps to keep the blood pressure of adults and children in check by reducing the amount of cholesterol produced by the body. Many studies have confirmed that children consuming three servings of dairy and a balance diet maintain the blood pressure at the desired level. Healthy blood pressures results in reduced risk of heart and strokes related issues.

Glowing healthy skin

To keep your child’s skin glowing and healthy, give the milk because it contains plenty of nutrients and lactic acid which removes the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Milk also contains amino acids in abundance to keep the skin moisturized at all times.

The best types of milk for your child

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children between one and two years of age should consume whole milk because their brain and nerve development requires more fat. Children age 1 year or under should be breastfed or given a high quality formula milk to ensure healthy development. Nashonuma Pakistan recommends all parents in Pakistan to give their children aged 1 year or more whole milk unless their child is overweight. Here is a video we created to bring to your attention the importance and benefits of making milk an essential part of your children’s diet.

Tip: Start to give whole and natural foods to your child. Curb on the amount of processed food.