How Basic Human Needs Are Killing The Planet?

How Basic Human Needs Are Killing The Planet

While human race continue to exist and carry on their day to day practices, we might prove to be a potential threat to other forms of life on earth with our habits and growth in population.

As human population is increasing immensely so is the need for food clothing and shelter, but there is only a limited number of resources to satisfy the demands of humans organically. To boost the supply in order to meet the demands, large business and corporations are established.

Who knew that one day the three basic needs of mankind would put the whole planet and the life on it at the risk of extinction. Exactly! FOOD, Clothing and Shelter.

First let’s talk about how the need of shelter or housing schemes are distorting our ecosystem. Everyday millions of trees are cut all over the world to provide space of housing societies or industrial lands, which has led us to climate change and the whole world is experiencing it and suffering the consequences.

Let’s take Lahore Pakistan as an example, if we travel 20 years back we see Lahore to a relatively smaller city. With a population of 5 million in 1999 here as in 2019 Lahore’s population has reached over 12 million. A Drastic increase in population meant an increase in overall demands. Government and private entities, to satisfy the needs of a larger group now had to cut down forests or densely green areas to provide housing land for population.

Trees and forests act as a natural coolant and air purifiers hence deforestation around Lahore caused damages not only to animals living in those areas but the damages caused  to the eco system are so visible that one cannot simple ignore them. The air became polluted so much that Lahore now is ranked amongst the most air polluted cities of the world. And our AQI is hazardous for even a healthy group of people.

With our religion emphasising on planting trees and watering them are we doing justice by cutting down trees and contributing to deforestation?

Moving on to the second basic need of mankind, FOOD.
As the increase in population is adverse to the increase in demand, Food is on top of the list. We all need food to stay alive and carry out our day to day tasks but the question remains can we attain enough supply organically to feed al the mouths?

The answer to that is NO!

We do not have enough resources, agricultural land and the supply is effected by natural disasters like floods and heavy rainfalls giving birth to the need of fertilizers, pesticides and a large quantity of unhealthy and processed food which are often high in sugar, fat and empty calories. Consuming lots of these foods has long been linked to an increased risk of a wide variety of health problems that can lead to heart disease or an early grave, such as obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, cancer and depression.

Plastic packing to preserve these synthetic and processed food and plastic shopping bags to carry them around and even plastic utensils served with these food items and used along to consume these eatables are the cherry n top. As plastic pollution is one of the major recognised global phenomenon government and businesses all over the world are taking part and making their contribution to tackle plastic pollution and climate change and where these world leaders seems to be concerned about this real issue  what are we doing about it ?

Our first home is the earth and it’s the responsibility of every individual to take part in its prosperity, just like we make our contribution towards the wellness of our house and our family.  We need to make amendments in favor of our eco-system and our plant.

Earlier this year Government of Pakistan imposed a ban on Plastic Shopping Bags, which was implemented in parts of Pakistan and some shops and big retail stores discontinued their practice of giving out plastic bags but the issue remained.


Because we, as individuals do not care enough, we are not ready to give up on plastic which can be seen in every corner of every super stores and restaurants. We demand plastic bags and are ready to fight for it. We won’t have a drink unless there is a straw in it. We are ready to put the planet at risk but we cannot bring our own cotton bags to the groceries.

So answer me this, is it the responsibility of government bodies and authorities and big businesses to keep you safe and clean?

We need to be the change we want to see in this world. No step towards progress is too small, every single effort counts,We should start helping our self. Every man for the planet. Every aspect of our life is vote for the kind of world we want to live in.  It can’t be right to manufacture billions of objects that are used for a matter of minutes and then stays with us for centuries. What we are doing to forests and eco-system of this world is the mirror image of what we are doing to ourselves and to our children.

Sooner or later we will have to recognise the rights of nature and earth too because Mankind cannot  live without Earth but the earth has been living long before we were here and will continue to live when we put ourselves on the list of extinction.

Last but not the least is clothing. Did you know that it takes 2,700 Litters of water to create a single T-Shirt? Pakistan being on top for water scarcity need to make reserves of water if prosperity is aimed. Water is the first form and most essential element for life. Even 73% human body is made up of water but we will only realise the worth of water once the well goes dry. Faisalabad Pakistan being one of the top industrial state for textile uses a large quantity of water which could be saved if proper steps are taken and amendments are made in company law.

The essentials we require for living are slowly killing us if we continue to be extravagant in satisfying our needs. We at Nashonuma Pakistan dream to achieve a sustainable and a healthy environment for you for us and our generations to come.

But they say when we dream lone it’s a dream only. But when we dream together it’s the beginning of the new reality.

Let us all join our hands to change our reality.
Join our hands to bring a change on the bigger picture.

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