How to Find Pure Honey in Pakistan?

Finding pure in Pakistan has become a bit of a challenge in the recent times thanks to the unregulated honey extraction industry. With so many suppliers and brands to choose from, you can never be sure whether the honey you are buying is 100% pure or not. Since ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine. It’s very high in beneficial plant compounds and offers several health benefits. Honey is particularly healthy when used instead of refined sugar, which is 100% empty calories. Here are some of the techniques to help you find pure honey in Pakistan and check the purity of honey before consumption. Here is all you need to know about how to find pure honey in Pakistan.

While the following tests are based on true principles, in practice your results may be inconclusive. Try several of these tests to see if the honey fails or passes consistently. Here, we should also point out that there is no proven method to find pure honey but to test the honey you have purchased to see if it’s pure.

The following tests will be extremely helpful to you if you are unsure about how to find pure honey in Pakistan.

Use a paper towel or blotting paper

Finding pure honey in Pakistan

It is possible to test the purity of the honey by dropping it on a paper towel or a blotting paper. Impure honey that is diluted with water will leave a wet mark on an absorbent material such as paper towel. However, if the honey has been diluted with sugar syrups rather than water, it will not be absorbed and thus this test can only work well for honey diluted with water.

Thumb Test

Here’s the procedure to do a thumb test:

  • Put a small drop of the honey you have on your thumb
  • Check to see if it spills or spreads around
  • If it does, it is not pure
  • Pure honey will stay intact on your thumb

Spotting fake honey with water test!

The steps of the water test are given below and will help you determine whether the honey you purchased can be classified as pure or not!

  • Fill a glass with water
  • Add one tablespoon of honey into the glass
  • Artificial or adulterated honey will dissolve and it will form a layer around the glass
  • Pure honey on the other hand will settle right at the bottom of your glass

The Flame Test to determine the purity of honey

Did you know that organic honey is flammable? Here’s a test to know 100% pure organic honey.

Beware of fake honey sold as pure
Beware of fake honey sold as pure
  • Take a dry matchstick
  • Dip its tip right into the honey
  • Strike the stick on the matchbox as if to light it
  • If the honey is pure, the matchstick will light with ease
  • The flame will also keep burning off the honey
  • However, if it is with impurities, it will not light because fake honey contains moisture as one of the impurities

The Vinegar Test

  • Add some water and 2-3 drops of vinegar essence into the honey
  • Mix well
  • If the solution becomes foamy, that is definitely adulterated honey

The above tests are some of the easiest and simple techniques to test for the purity of honey at home. Using these tests you can determine whether the honey you bought locally is pure or not. Again, we reiterate that there is no way of finding pure honey in Pakistan without performing these tests because almost all brands in Pakistan advertise their product to be 100% pure whilst in reality they are all contaminated and diluted to some extent.

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If you want to enjoy most of the benefits derived from honey. The purity of honey is what you should consider before buying. The testing methods provided in this article are extremely simple and can be performed at home, to verify the purity of honey. If you liked this article on “How to find pure honey in Pakistan?”, please share it on your social media account. 

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