Plastic Crisis

How Your Toothbrush Became a Major Part of Plastic Crisis?

How Your Toothbrush Became a Major Part of Plastic Crisis? The total number of plastic toothbrushes being produced, used, and thrown away each year has grown steadily since the first one was made in the 1930s. For centuries, the basic toothbrush was made from natural materials. But during the early 20th century, the giddy early days of plastic innovation, manufacturers started substituting nylon and other plastics into the design—and never looked back.

Plastic has so fully infiltrated toothbrush design that it’s nearly impossible to clean our teeth without touching a polymer. And because plastic is essentially indestructible, that means nearly every single toothbrush made since the 1930s is still out there in the world somewhere, living on as a piece of trash.

Many toothbrushes are unrecyclable because the composite plastics most are now made of are difficult, if not impossible, to break apart efficiently.

It turns out people really love having clean teeth. In MIT’s 2003 Lemelson Innovation Index survey, the toothbrush rated higher than cars, personal computers, or cellphones as the innovation respondents couldn’t live without.

An average human uses 300 toothbrushes  during his life time.  But each one of these plastic toothbrushes lasts more the a century or a couple more then his life time.

If that’s the case , One day you might step cross your Grand parents toothbrush one day!

Plastic toothbrushes contribute to 38% of the non recyclable waste that is being dumped in oceans and rivers, thus damaging marine  life in large numbers. Production of plastic toothbrush releases micro plastic, toxins and acids in air and water, destroying Eco-system which results in to polluted air and water and eventually causes health hazards for the population.

Did you know if you line up all the brushes thrown away all over the world in a year, they would wrap around the earth 16 times ? With all the brushes disposed world is being exposed to a more unsustainable environment. Why do we not switch to a more Eco-friendly option such as bamboo toothbrush that costs you the same but also help us to tackle the plastic crisis?

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