We have tried to keep the story as short as possible but pardon us if it takes too long and too much of your precious time.
It’s our dream to make Nashonuma a trusted supplier of healthy natural foods!

Story of Nashonuma

The Food Part

Hello Everyone, My name is Ahmad Tariq and with me is my wife Sidra Khan, and this is what Nashonuma is all about. In 2016 I went to Japan to become part of a prestigious halal food group and quickly discovered that Japan had the most strict laws concerning the quality of food products. According to a German backpacker Mike Dawson (2015) Japan food has a traditionally high value. The country’s indigenous religion Shinto elevates purity to the status of an essential principle. Thus, food of exquisite quality is presented in a scrupulously clean way. Even the items exported from Pakistan to Europe and the USA could not be imported to Japan because the Japanese quality standards meant that many of the Pakistan based manufacturers and exporters had to further improve their quality control processes which they could not do so.
There is enough evidence to validate the statement that the quality of food in Japan is well above the rest of the world and this explains their highest life expectancy. Japan government considers fitness and well being of population of the utmost importance and it recommends every citizen should walk at least 10,000 steps on a daily basis. On the other hand in Pakistan, average families like mine are struggling to get have to quality yet basic foods such as milk, eggs, chicken, oil, beans, pulses, breakfast products, fruits, vegetables, meat and more. At Nashonuma, we are eager to spread awareness so we can learn to appreciate the importance of healthy and active life style. The quality of basic food items and the culture of physical fitness in Pakistan has decline dramatically over the last several years and this decline reflects in our sports and healh.
It’s our dream to make Nashonuma a trusted supplier of eco-friendlyl foods!

Story of Nashonuma

The Environment Part

The environmental challenges facing Pakistan are plenty and pose serious threat to our future generations. The health of humans in Pakistan is at risk considering the fact that climate is deteriorating at an alarming pace. Pakistan has been declared among top ten countries at risk from climate change and if we don’t change our living ways this could have serious implications for agriculture, health and overall economy. The primary causes of climate change are land & soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution resulting from excessive carbon emissions, absence of a recycling system, population expansion and lack of finances to deal with these issues. Water is becoming scarce especially in cities because of the ever increasing urbanization. Pakistan is in a state of cold with India because countries face water crisis. Lack of water reservoirs to store water combined with the ineffective irrigation system and inability of the population to understand the severity of the situation have resulted in a situation where clean drinking water has become unavailable to most. Many towns and societies in larger districts have installed private water filtration plants as a temporary solution to the problem. Deforestation in the northern areas of Pakistan is another well known phenomenon that is causing a havoc. Domestic acitvities, commercial interests and the energy crisis over a long period of time are the primary causes of deforestation. Although several environment protection programs such as REDD Plus, Billion Tree Tsunami, and Green Pakistan have been launched but it will take years before we start to see any tangible results. Air pollution which is caused by carbon emissions is another issue that we facing. Factories, transport vehicles and brick kilns are responsible for releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere. With the government failing to implement the environment protections laws, this could easily get out of control to the level where we might even struggle to breath.

What We Are Trying to Achieve?

We at Nashonuma scour the world to bring you the best products we can find to help you live a life that is healthy, eco friendly, ethical, sustainable, and zero waste as possible. We are passionate about finding alternatives for unhealthy food, and environmentally damaging, unethical every day products that many of us think we have to use.

We test all of the products that we stock, and we ensure that all of our products are in line with our mission and vision. At the moment, Nashonuma Pakistan is promoting healthy eating and environment friendly activities use our blog and social media page. Our social media and search engine campaigns have helped us to educate our followers about health and environmental issues and about the products that can help us switch to a natural and healthier life style.

It's Not The Time to Back to Nature, But To Go Forwards To Nature

In a way, mankind is going back to where it all started. Not too long ago electronic toothbrush was considered a breakthrough invention and people started to replace their traditional toothbrushes with that. But with time, we have realised that living a life that is closer to nature guarantees sustainability and safe future for planet Earth. May be it’s not the time to back to nature, but to go forwards to nature. 

Until recently, many people didn’t realise that you cannot recycle the majority of disposable barista coffee cups. We didn’t know that most plastic toothbrushes cannot be recycled. We had no idea that so much of our garbage is sat in landfills, drip feeding toxins into our earth which in turn, cause many major illnesses.

We didn’t know how much pollution and plastic waste is killing marine wildlife and creating huge areas of ocean which are completely inhabitable. A lot of us think if we recycle, then it’s okay. And we don’t give much thought to how much waste we are actually generating or what happens to it when it leaves our hands.

These are the problems that shaped the idea for Nashonuma online health and eco shop and which drive us to work hard for this cause every single day.