Kraft Salad box (7.5×4.5×2.7 inches)

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Kick away plastic from your life with our range of Biodegradable food boxes. Our boxes do not leech any chemicals, making them safe for food and the environment.

Food grade: 300 gsm grade or another grade of your choice!

Dimensions: 7.5×4.5×2.7 inches

Note: Packaging boxes orders will be delivered in 5-7 working days.



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50 pcs, 200 pcs, 500 pcs, 1000 pcs


Great presentation for your cold salads. This box is a great alternative to plastic and aluminium boxes for your salads.



  • Claim 5% discount on buying 500 pcs
  • Claim 7% discount on buying 1000 pcs

Alternative To

Plastic Boxes


100% Biodegradable

Ingredients / Materials

Made of 300 gsm food-grade Kraft liner.

End of Life

This product is 100% compostable!


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