Sustainable Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Did you know that experts recommend cleaning your reusable water bottle daily? Keep things clean without plastic! Our compostable Package Free Bottle Brush is made of sustainable beech wood + coconut fibers. Its long shape allows you to reach the nooks and crannies with ease.

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You don’t drink out of plastic, so why clean with it? This beechwood + coconut fiber brush cleans with ease! The long handle + curved brush reach the deep spots with ease and finesse. It’s effective enough to work out the tough stuff, but soft enough that it won’t scratch your bottle!

Dim: L 22.5cm

Alternative To

This item replaces bottle brushes made of plastic and synthetic fibers.

How to Use

Scrub your bottle with soap and water. Allow drying bristle side down between uses.


Our Bottle Brush ships 100% Package Free!

Ingredients / Materials

Beechwood + coconut fiber

Country of origin: China

Care Instructions

Air dry completely between uses.

End of Life

This brush is 100% backyard compostable!

15 reviews for Sustainable Bottle Cleaning Brush

  1. Alyana falak

    I always needed something to clean the inside of my water bottle. This works great. And it’s compostable (minus the metal wire)! The top half of the brush is a collection of sisal fibers attached to a metal wire. The fibers are pretty stiff and scratchy.

  2. Ftima Iqbal

    Cleaned glasses and teacups I rinsed it stinks what good is it if it stinks after the first use a waste of money.

  3. Saboor Ali

    I love this Sustainable Bottle Cleaning Brush. Way better than a sponge. Yay for saving the environment

  4. Sara Falak

    The bottle brush is really helpful when used for kids’ water bottles. I will recommend this product to others.

  5. Muhammad waqar

    Great product, great ship time, great price. I wanted something biodegradable, but I wasn’t expecting this high of quality.

  6. Ramsha Ali

    I received the Sustainable Bottle Cleaning Brush dish brush today and I am delighted with the quality of this brush. They are sturdy, plastic-free as advertised. A great addition to my zero waste life.

  7. Zara majid

    I have been using them for a couple of months now, and they work great. I can gratefully say that they are wonderful. The long brush is great for glasses.

  8. Mahira Anwer

    The best brushes I have ever used. Scrubs off pretty much anything with very little effort.

  9. Almesha khalid

    It’s very caustic and I would suggest using it if using anything wood and natural bristle that’s going to come into contact with bacteria and wetness all the time.

  10. Sameera jutt

    Glad it’s not made of plastic! I was looking to clean the inside of Kleen canteen travel mugs! The bristles are sturdy, the brush head is slightly bendable because the bristles are on durable metal wire in the wood handle.

  11. Amna akram

    It feels good when using eco-friendly products, especially those that work and this was one of them – had them for a week and loved it!! Clean dishes, clean environment🌿

  12. Ayesha Rajpot

    If you don’t take care of them or let them dry out properly they become black and spotted. But they work fine just like any other brush.

  13. Sawera Sayeed

    Glad it’s not made of plastic! it works well. It’s the perfect size and shape to clean my jars.

  14. Rizwan waleed

    The bottle brush bends a little too easy when extended inside a bottle, makes scrubbing a little difficult. This is my only complaint.

  15. Junaid Zahid

    The bottle brush bends a little too easily when extended inside a bottle, making scrubbing a little difficult. This is my only complaint.

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