Organic Cotton Mesh Bag

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This produce bag is Amazing. Use it for groceries, as a purse, as a weekender, for the beach, or to carry all of your mason jars (it holds up to 40lbs!)

Size: 35*38*25cm/35*38*13cm

Color: Black, White

Feature: Eco-friendly, Sustainable

Material: Cotton


Additional information


White, Black


To clean it, just machine or hand wash and air dry!

Alternative To

Plastic bags.


This product comes 100% package free!

Ingredients / Materials

It is made using fair labor paid fair wages of 100% Natural Cotton

End of Life

This product is recyclable as a textile and industrial compostable!

4 reviews for Organic Cotton Mesh Bag

  1. Aniya Shakir

    If you care to limit your use of plastic bags at the grocery store these are a must-have! I use them all the time to grocery shop and carry my lunch to work, I always get compliments whenever I use them and they fit quite a lot.

  2. Aneeqa Haris

    These are really nice. Great as a market bag for carrying around fruits & veggies, & can hold quite a few books.

  3. Momina Iftikhar

    These cotton mesh bags are soooo good and quite deceptive! They hold a lot more than one would think! They’re very stretchy. I always get curious questions and compliments about them when I do my shopping. And I think my bestie wants to steal them away from me, hahaha

  4. Hira Daniyal

    I love these market bags. I usually keep one in my purse just in case, and it’s come in handy so many times

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