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Our Team

We are a bunch of environment friendly, socially responsible, and nature-loving
individuals dedicated to taking small steps to make a difference towards positive
change in our environment.

Ahmad Tariq

CEO, Founder

After spending years in Malaysia, UAE, UK, and Japan, away from my home, my passion and love for Pakistan grew stronger. And when I finally came back, I was welcomed by never-ending smog, piles of trash, and deadly environmental pollution. I saw how these things affected my people, especially the kids and the youth. I thought to myself “If we are not able to provide a sustainable and a clean environment to our kids, We have failed as a nation” and I remember spending sleepless nights thinking about what is going to be of us if we do not take the responsibility ourselves.

Pakistan is one of the most pollution affected and water-scarce countries in the world and if we don’t do anything about it, not even God almighty is going to help us…

I always felt that our society uses too many plastic products that contribute to increasing environmental pollution. So I launched Nashonuma with the sole aim to help our people become more aware of the environmental problems facing Pakistan and enable them to take small steps to bring about a positive change on a larger scale.

I hope that “Nashonuma Pakistan” becomes our voice and will bring about the changes we should adopt for a sustainable, healthier, and a happier environment. Help us promote eco-friendliness in Pakistan.

Rao Bilal

Full Stack Developer

Hi, I am Rao Bilal. I am responsible for the design and development of www.nashonuma.com. I am always trying to find ways to make the ordering process quick and simple for our clients.

Musadiq Ali

Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Musadiq Ali. My role is in the operations department. I ensure that each order that gets out of our warehouse is packed in an eco-friendly and timely manner by using our in-house software, cardboard boxes, and fabric bags.

Idrees Shafiq

Digital Marketing Expert

My role is to design, create, and deliver marketing programs to support the expansion and growth of Nashonuma’s services and products.

Usama Ahmed

Supply Chain Executive

Hi, my job is to liaise with the suppliers of eco-friendly products from across the world that are in line with our mission and vision of eco-friendly Pakistan.

Basit Ali

Social Media Specialist

I love photography, video shooting, video editing, graphic designing, and everything that can be done in Adobe Suite. And this is exactly what I do for Nashonuma.

Ibtihaj Shah

Operations Executive

I love our cute little bamboo toothbrushes. I pack them all day for our customers with love and best wishes.

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