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A toothbrush made of bamboo, not plastic. This BPA-free, compostable brush helps to eliminate one of the most prevalent forms of ocean plastic pollution. Not only is it plant-based, but it also looks chic in your bathroom.

Each bamboo toothbrush helps to reduce the 1 billion plastic ones thrown out per year in PAK.

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Medium, Soft


Blue, Green, natural, Pink, Rainbow


Not Required, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months

Bulk Discount

Not Required, 4 toothbrushes


Did you know over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are tossed out per year in PAK? Switching to A Package Free Bamboo Toothbrush is a small change with a big impact on the planet!

This bamboo toothbrush is the ideal replacement for plastic toothbrushes. With a long, thin handle, made of bamboo and standard soft bristles this brush can reach all the tough spots. Bamboo is our material of choice because it’s lightweight, durable, and easy on the planet! Bamboo is a highly regenerative crop that doesn’t require fertilizer and regrows on its own from roots. No replanting is needed! Plus, it aids in requiring no fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots, and aids in global carbon absorption.

Alternative To

This item replaces plastic toothbrushes.

How to Use

Use this to brush your teeth and tongue (!) as you would a plastic toothbrush.


Nashonuma Adult Bamboo Toothbrush arrives packaged in a 100% compostable recycled paper box.

Ingredients / Materials

  • Bamboo handle and nylon 6 BPA free bristles

Care Instructions

Store in a dry spot between uses. Replace every three months, per ADA recommendation.

End of Life

The ADA recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months to prevent bacteria build-up.

11 reviews for Adult Bamboo Toothbrush

  1. Areeb Gujjar

    Thank you! These are lovely and I’m so excited to start my zero waste journey

  2. Uzair Bilal

    The Toothbrush was alright but the bristles are a bit too soft.

    I ordered medium bristles. I hope to get hard bristles added soon so I could order again.

  3. Maryam Sheikh

    I think that making a wooden toothbrush was an excellent idea. It really helps cut back on the amount of plastic, and it also germs free and an organic product. I really love using mine, and it works just as good is definitely worth an extra some rupee and something that will last longer. I really recommend everyone to try this.

  4. Dawood Ansar

    fast delievery,reasonable price ,excellent product .Great Experience .

  5. Rimal Amir

    Love the idea, We need more businesses like this one to eliminate plastic pollution. Good Job Guys and thanks for the fast delivery

  6. Minha Zulfiqar


    Amazing vision with the extraordinary product range. Love packing style. and the cute little messages.

    Hooked on the look will definitely shop again.

  7. Muhammad Ali

    First, the packaging is all cardboard, no plastic at all. Second, the bristles are soft and gentle on my sensitive teeth. I’m happy to be able to reduce my plastic use and save the environment at the same time.

  8. Mahnoor Iqbal

    t was more than I expected! The brush feels so comfortable and soft to my gums! Way better than plastic brushes. Definitely will buy again!

  9. Zaid Tahir

    I bought this toothbrush to try and decrease my plastic usage in our home. The bamboo toothbrush does a good job and is in a cardboard box. it’s the right option if you want to avoid plastic toothbrush. Surely will buy again

  10. Mona mahmood

    I receive the bamboo toothbrush from nashonuma. I was ordered for my whole family, and my family and I really like it. It’s lightweight and easy to hold and soft. It’s really a good deal. Thank you.

  11. Ali Ahmad

    My friend suggests me to use a bamboo toothbrush as he said, It’s organic, and made by bamboo, and germs free, as we know plastic things are coming from the recycling process. on the other hand, bamboo toothbrush smaller ecological footprint compared to plastic. So, think it was a great deal to buy it, and I really like it, and I think it’s a good initiative from nashonuma in Pakistan.

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