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Did you know that most sponges are made of polyester and nylon, AKA nonrenewable materials derived from petroleum and gas that will never biodegrade!? No thanks! Get your dishes squeaky clean with the 100% compostable Natural Bamboo Scrub Brush!


Our Scrub Brush is the perfect addition to your Zero Waste kitchen! It’s great for cleaning dishes and removing bits stuck on pots and pans.

Made of 100% compostable components (beechwood, coconut fiber, palmyra fiber), you can breathe easy knowing you don’t have to use plastic or synthetics to clean your dishes.

Alternative To

This scrub brush replaces sponges made of plastic or synthetic fibers.

How to Use

Use to scrub dishes or cookware with soap.


100% Biodegradable

Ingredients / Materials

Beechwood, sisal fiber, + palmyra fiber

Country of origin: China

Care Instructions

Store in a dry spot between uses.

End of Life

This brush is 100% backyard compostable!

11 reviews for Dish Scrub

  1. Almeera Khalil

    Easy to hold in your hand, works great with just a gentle scrubbing (doesn’t require a ton of elbow grease), and has held up extremely well for over a month, So happy with this purchase and thankful that it came as a set of three because I feel that it’s a great value.

  2. Aleena Mushtaq

    Easy to clean after use. Love these bamboo scrub brushes and the dish that comes with them! Fits perfectly, scrubs well, and can’t beat the price.

  3. Aqsa Basheer

    This is super cute and I enjoy that’s it’s not as wasteful as using sponges, it is nice when I’m holding it. It’s easy to scrub carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, apples, or any other veggies with warm water.

  4. Nimra Riyasat

    Excellent quality. Bristles are very strong and resist soaking up water or gunk. They rinse off easily and completely. Wood is solid, a beautiful color, and has not broken down or had the slightest hint of mildew after 2 months of use (and I still have the additional 2 brushes in the cupboard as backup).

  5. Almyera khan

    I am very pleased with my little scrubbers. Sturdy and comfortable to hold.Very cute and practical. You need these! 😁

  6. Akasa Waleed

    Very useful in removing food scraps stuck on dishes. they are great for scrubbing and stiffness is good. As I use them, the bristles might spread a bit but they’ll still fit in the saucer.

  7. Amna Waleed

    I’ll never go back to sponges! My partner loves doing dishes with this thing too!

  8. Alia Jutt

    I use them to clean all my dishes, not just pans. They are small enough to fit in glasses too!

  9. Uzma Abbas

    A high-quality dish brush. The bristle is firm and scrubs very well. Thank you!!

  10. Abrish khalid

    The brush bristles are sturdy, easy to use, and work very well to clean tough to reach spots.

  11. Mahnoor Tajamul

    Love it so far. Honestly, we use it for dishes and it’s great for cleaning up sticky messes. Way better than plastic ones.

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