Charcoal Dental Floss

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Floss doesn’t toss! Package Free floss gets the job done and is 100% plastic-free! A Zero Waste product that is great for your teeth and the planet!

Bamboo Dental Floss – another item in our Nashonuma range, the Bamboo fibre dental floss, looks cool and comes in awesomely sustainable packaging.

LESS PLASTIC: You can reduce the amount of plastic used when flossing. We’re offering a reduced plastic and eco-friendly alternative. Our amazing dental floss! Made primarily of natural bamboo fibre.

PERFECT FOR YOUR ORAL HEALTH: The eco-friendly natural bamboo dental floss with activated charcoal allows you to easily reach those crevices between your gums and teeth. It glides with ease so you can easily clean your teeth.

VEGAN: Unlike Dental Floss, our organic floss is coated with 100% natural vegan citronella wax. It’s non-GMO and sustainably obtained. The bamboo dental floss fibre is unbelievably soft on your gums. This is ideal for people with sensitive gums or teeth.

LESS WASTE: Our purpose at PlanetNatura is to enable you to move to a less-plastic home. All of the packing is recyclable. You can be sure your oral care doesn’t negatively impact the environment in the slightest. We package in recycled cardboard and don’t use Sellotape.

PREMIUM QUALITY: We make our bamboo activated charcoal dental floss of the highest quality natural ingredients. Our dental floss is especially strong, it’s guaranteed not to break when you’re flossing. We’re convinced you’ll love your eco-friendly floss, however, if not fully satisfied we will give you a full refund.

Flossing regularly has many health benefits, brushing often doesn’t remove the build-up of plaque between your teeth and under the gum line – only flossing will do that. Insufficient oral hygiene has potential links with Alzheimer’s, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and lunk disease.

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Our Plastic Free Dental Floss has two ingredients: charcoal fibre and candelilla wax.

No chemicals mean an even better clean for your pearly whites! A 100% plastic-free design means this floss keeps your teeth and the planet clean.

How to Use

Pull up as much as you need and hold it tightly between your fingers. Gently glide the floss between your teeth. Move and repeat until your teeth sparkle.

When the roll’s all done, you can compost or recycle the paper box and recycle the stainless steel cutter. The floss should be composted after each use.

Alternative to

100% Natural Bamboo Floss is an alternative to synthetic floss made of plastic. One box of Package Free Floss keeps 30 M of plastic floss out of landfills

Ingredients / Materials

100% natural dental floss made with bamboo charcoal fibre and candelilla wax.

End of Life

Package Free Floss is a mixed material product. Separate for end of life.

Floss: 100% backyard compostable.

Box: 100% recyclable or compostable in backyard composting.

5 reviews for Charcoal Dental Floss

  1. Hira Khan

    Great product loved it. Best for your teeth.

  2. Asad Ali

    I was using oral b floss before I ordered it.

    Never going back to oral b again.

  3. Ijaz Anwar

    The glass jar is a little fragile. but that’s what makes it eco-friendly. Love the product. highly recommended.

  4. Aqsa

    Tastes good, doesn’t break or get stuck

  5. Nimra Khan

    Like it better than any other floss I have ever used.

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