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Pakistan is suffering from a very unhealthy environment. The cities of Lahore and Karachi are ranked one of the most polluted cities in the world. The growing air pollution has resulted in smog blanket covering the our atmosphere for most parts of the year, and this has the potential to turn into a national catastrophe. Due to smog, the government of Punjab announced the schools to remain closed on several occasions in the last year. Due to an unhealthy environment, many people are suffering from lungs infections and feel difficulty in breathing.

Did you know that?

In Pakistan, each year, 30 million tons of solid waste is produced, out of which nine percent are plastics. Here, 55 billion plastic bags and over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes a year are produced. Plastic waste makes a significant contribution to air pollution and smog. Why are we not turning towards plastic free alternatives?

Nashonuma Moral & Values

We at Nashonuma scour the world to bring you the best products we can find to help you live a life that is healthy, eco friendly, ethical, sustainable, and zero waste. We are passionate about finding alternatives for unhealthy food, and environmentally damaging, unethical every day products that many of us think we have to use. We test all of the products that we stock, and we ensure that all of our products are in line with our mission and vision.

At the moment, Nashonuma Pakistan is promoting healthy eating and environment friendly activities use our blog and social media page. Our social media and search engine campaigns have helped us to educate our followers about health and environmental issues and about the products that can help us switch to a natural and healthier life style.

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